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Favorable or Unfavorable #230: Tom DeLay


Favorable or Unfavorable #230: Tom DeLay  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #230: Tom DeLay

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Rep. Tom DeLay of TX is considered one of the triumvirate of GOP House leaders that led the Republican Revolution, gaining them the US House for the first time since the early 1950s. Unfortunately for supporters of the GOP, his legacy is quite tarnished.

During the impeachment trial, he broke with Gingrich, in part because Gingrich was having an affair (and lying about it) while impeaching a president for having an affair and lying about it. DeLay had also had several affairs in the past, but as what happens with many "born-again-Christians," they absolve their own sins to focus on attacks for the sins of others in the present, especially if it is a sin they used to frequently commit. DeLay was routinely critical of Gingrich and Armey for not being dutifully Christian enough. Since DeLay was not an active adulter, after having been a frequent adulterer, he thought his attacks on Gingrich and Clinton weren't hypocritical. 

Other things that tarnish what could have been a stellar reputation are his embrace of birther conspiracies, weird theories into school shootings, and obviously his money laundering. He's the 1st member of the US House to hold a leadership position and be indicted. He resigned on the indictment, which probably saved him from a deeper investigation. 

His actions:

DeLay, Tom 1994 Helps Gingrich w/ Republican Revolution/Contract w/ America
DeLay, Tom 1997 Warns Speaker Gingrich against attempted GOP coup to oust the Speaker
DeLay, Tom 1998 Breaks w/ Speaker Gingrich, joining 2nd GOP effort to oust the Speaker, which results in Gingrich declining reelection
DeLay, Tom 1998 Press on w/ impeachment after Gingrich falls; they impeach Clinton, but it costs GOP the house.
DeLay, Tom 1999 Blames school shootings on the teaching of evolution in schools
DeLay, Tom 2006 Resigns from Congress following indictment for money laundering; 1st US Congress leader ever to be indicted
DeLay, Tom 2009 Publicly supports the discredited birther conspiracy regarding Obama
DeLay, Tom 2010 Sentenced to 3 years in prison for money laundering, but is acquitted later by TX appeals court
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