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Favorable or Unfavorable #231: Ron Dellums


Favorable or Unfavorable #231: Ron Dellums  

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Ron Dellums of CA was known as something of a fringe politician, similar to Dennis Kucinich.

Let me explain his 1983 action. That year a Capital housekeeper was arrested for drug use, which the housekeeper admitted to doing. During the trial this housekeeper mentioned a few US Reps names as having probably also engaged in marijuana and cocaine. I list this rumor as an action because it's something that could have happened, although he was completely cleared by the committee. I don't know the details to know how thorough the investigation was. One of those that led the investigation was Barry Goldwater Jr who tagged with a Southern Democrat. 

Our previous poll was Tom DeLay who was actually praising of Dellum's character when Dellum retired. I found that quite shocking considering their drastic ideological differences. 

His actions:

Dellums, Ron 1971 First self-described Socialist elected to Congress since the Progressive Era (maintains Democratic Membership however)
Dellums, Ron 1971 Organizes exhibit of Vietnam war crimes committed by US soldiers; calls for formal investigation but Congress balks
Dellums, Ron 1971 Listed on Nixon's enemies list
Dellums, Ron 1971 Co-founds Congressional Black Caucus
Dellums, Ron 1976 Gets delegates for VP at Dem Conv despite having ruled himself out before
Dellums, Ron 1978 angry at Carter regarding Humphrey-Hawkins bill
Dellums, Ron 1980 Receives delegates for Pres at Dem Conv, despite having not officially run
Dellums, Ron 1982? Joins the Democratic Socialists of America, while maintaining his Democratic Party membership
Dellums, Ron 1983 Rumored cocaine and marijuana use is investigated by bipartisan House comm., but he is cleared b/c no evidence
Dellums, Ron 1986 Major role in Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, which is passed over Reagan's veto
Dellums, Ron 1990 Sues Pres Bush (Dellums v. Bush) to halt preemptive buildup of war in Iraq
Dellums, Ron 1991 Co-founds Congressional Progressive Caucus
Dellums, Ron 1993 Sole sponsor of resolution to integrate gays and lesbians into the military
Dellums, Ron 2008 Surprises some by endorsing Clinton over Obama in Dem primary
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