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Favorable or Unfavorable #232: Ron DeSantis


Favorable or Unfavorable #232: Ron DeSantis  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #232: Ron DeSantis

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL-R) has an unusual number of actions for a governor, which could foreshadow an active presidency should he be elected. Most of his actions are what I would call reactionary or provocative. That is, a strong reaction against a preceding provocative action or an action geared to provoke, possibly leading to a reactionary response to the other side. While Trump is rhetorically divisive (Trump was relatively a do-nothing president), DeSantis could be actionably divisive. This is great news for people who agree with him ideologically, but quite the opposite for those who don't. Moderates of any party might be unhappy as well. 

His actions:

DeSantis, Ron 2015 Introduces Let Seniors Work Act to encourage seniors to work via Social Security payment cuts
DeSantis, Ron 2015 A founding member of the Freedom Caucus
DeSantis, Ron 2015 co-sponsors Kate's Law, to increase penalties for undocumented immigrants
DeSantis, Ron 2016 Introduces the Higher Education Reform Act, aimed at giving states more authority over public schooling
DeSantis, Ron 2017 Proposes bill to cut funding of Mueller investigation into Trump
DeSantis, Ron 2021 Star rises as Gov of FL among populist conservatives and some social conservatives for his push for the Stop the Woke Act
DeSantis, Ron 2022 As Gov signs FL's Don't Say Gay Law, which further raises his profile as a Trump alternative for social conservative GOPers
DeSantis, Ron 2022 As Gov of FL, joins Texas in busing undocumented migrants to Blue States.
DeSantis, Ron 2023 Goes to war vs. Disney while as Gov of FL, even threatening to build a prison next to Disney World
DeSantis, Ron 2024 Initial top challenger to Trump for GOP pres nom
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DeSantis is basically a girl. He's short, wears high-heels to look taller, and his voice is an octave higher than the average male voice, just short of sounding castrated. He's also as artificial in seeming personable as Hillary Clinton. Both would do better to not even try to smile, laugh, and seem likable. Ron DeSantis is Hillary Clinton. 

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I did like DeSantis before his Presidential run. In my opinion, he was a competent governor of a (debatable) battleground state. But when he launched a presidential run, I felt like he tried to emulate Trump- right down to the way he spoke. Since then, he’s just embarrassed himself.

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