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Favorable or Unfavorable #233: Thomas E Dewey


Favorable or Unfavorable #233: Thomas E Dewey  

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Gov. Thomas E Dewey of NY is best known for the ironic "Dewey Defeats Truman." He also sort of inaugurated the concept of Rockefeller Republicanism, even though it is named after his successor as Gov of NY. Dewey was basically GOP party boss in NY from 1942-1953, when Rockefeller took over. The influence he can be clearly seen in the actions below. 

He had some traits that made him awful on campaign. He was seen as aloof, wooden, and he spoke in moral cliches, rather than with substantive ideas and thoughts. He had a rivalry with Robert Taft, who led the conservative wing of the party. He sometimes classified as a liberal, but he was really a moderate realist, who accepted the reality of the New Deal and of Civil Rights. He privately criticized Rockefeller's heavy spending, which shows a fiscal difference between the two. Dewey was also arguably the most "tough on crime" nominee until Nixon's 1968 campaign. Dewey was a big advocate of the death penalty while governor. He was seen as someone who had high personal integrity but also seen as a political opportunist. 

His actions:

Dewey, Thomas E 1936 Gains national recognition for successfully persecuting infamous mafia members
Dewey, Thomas E 1938 Narrowly loses Gov of NY election to popular incumbent; near win raises his profile
Dewey, Thomas E 1940 Original frontrunner for Rep pres nom and victor in the primaries (at age 38) but loses at Convention
Dewey, Thomas E 1943 Takes office as Gov of NY, serving for the next 11 years
Dewey, Thomas E 1944 Rep Pres nom
Dewey, Thomas E 1945 Signs first state law in US history outlawing racial descrimination in employment
Dewey, Thomas E 1948 Upsets some anti-Communists by stating that as pres he would not outlaw the Communist Party in the US
Dewey, Thomas E 1948 Rep Pres nom who loses in well-known upset to Pres. Truman; "Dewey Defeats Truman"
Dewey, Thomas E 1950 Declines Truman's offer to be Amb to the UK
Dewey, Thomas E 1952 Major role in building Eisenhower/Nixon ticket at Convention and getting Eisenhower nom over Taft
Dewey, Thomas E 1953 Declines Eisenhower's offer to be ChJ of the SC
Dewey, Thomas E 1956 Pressured by Eisenhower to run for president again iin 1956; Eisenhower runs when told Dewey might not get support at Conv
Dewey, Thomas E 1956 Convinces Eisenhower not to drop Nixon as VP as it would upset some GOP voters
Dewey, Thomas E 1964 Refuses to attend GOP Conv as Goldwater expected victor (favored Rockefeller); supports Goldwater in general, however
Dewey, Thomas E 1964 Advises LBJ to pick Humphrey as VP to stave off RFK being thrust on the 1964 Dem ticket.
Dewey, Thomas E 1968 Refuses to endorse Nixon or Rockefeller as he had supported both in the past; privately favors Nixon
Dewey, Thomas E 1969 Rumored to have declines a cabinet position offered by Nixon (likely Att Gen or State)
Dewey, Thomas E 1969 Declines Nixon's offer to be ChJ of the SC
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Favorable but I wouldn’t have voted for him in 1948, unlike 1944. Truman earns my vote in 48.

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