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Favorable or Unfavorable #234: Samuel Dexter


Favorable or Unfavorable #234: Samuel Dexter  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #234: Samuel Dexter

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Samuel Dexter of MA was, like Adams, a moderate Federalist who eventually joined the Jeffersonian Republicans. Dexter might also be a sort of proto-Know Nothing based on actions 1795 and 1813. Many anti-catholics were also prohibitionists because they often associated Catholics as heavy drinking (b/c wine at communion?). Meanwhile, Massachusetts still had a puritan strain to them -- still do but it's got the Irish Catholic "good works" mentality to it now. It is possible that Dexter's 1795 action wasn't to be taken seriously since it was in response to someone suggesting that immigrants w/ European noble titles should have to renounce those titles. Dexter shot back with his suggestion, which upset Madison and the catholic Charles Carroll of MD. 

His actions:

Dexter, Samuel 1795 Upsets some Jeffersonians (such as Madison) when suggests Catholic immigrants be required to renounce allegiance to the Pope
Dexter, Samuel 1799 Write Senate eulogy on Washington's death
Dexter, Samuel 1800 appointed Sec of War for Adams after McHenry is fired
Dexter, Samuel 1801 Moved to Treasury to replace Wolcott; Adams does not fill War vacancy before his term ends.
Dexter, Samuel 1801 Agrees to stay on as Sec of Treasury for Jefferson for a few months until Gallatin can take over
Dexter, Samuel 1812 Breaks w/ Federalists to support the war and joins Jeffersonian Republicans
Dexter, Samuel 1813? Becomes a very early leader in the Temperance Movement, presiding over MA's 1st Temperance Org
Dexter, Samuel 1815 Declines Madison's offer of Amb to Spain
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