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Favorable or Unfavorable #236: Samuel Dickstein


Favorable or Unfavorable #236: Samuel Dickstein  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #236: Samuel Dickstein

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Rep. Samuel Dickstein (NY-D)  has all the actions made for an interesting miniseries or hour-long episode on the history channel. His connection to the USSR was not known until decades after his death. I can't find the year he was pulled from the Un-American Activities Committee (sometime between 1941-1945), so that action is not there, but he was pulled because he would browbeat witnesses and had a tendency to exagerrate. 

His actions:

Dickstein, Samuel 1922 Russian Empire-born Jewish Dem defeats Russian Empire-born Jewish Socialist incumbent for US Rep seat
Dickstein, Samuel 1930 Co-sponsors bill condemning religious persecution in the USSR
Dickstein, Samuel 1932 Joins Rep. Dies Jr to pass law outlawing membership in the Communist Party
Dickstein, Samuel 1933 Calls for investigations in American anarchists after FDR assassination attempt
Dickstein, Samuel 1934 A leader in investigating American fascism & communism
Dickstein, Samuel 1934 Helps lead the hearing of the supposed "Business Plot" to overthrow FDR, but the plot is dismissed as hearsay
Dickstein, Samuel 1937 Becomes a paid spy of the USSR for three years (unknown until decades later)
Dickstein, Samuel 1938 Helps create the House Un-American Activities Committee
Dickstein, Samuel 1939 Advocated bill to loosen quota system to allow Jewish refugees, especially children, but Sec of State Hull opposed
Dickstein, Samuel 1940 Hands over material of US war budget and some other information to the USSR (unknown until decades later)
Dickstein, Samuel 1945 Attacks Rep. Dies Jr's leadership of Un-American committee as red-baiting and needlessly investigating Hollywood
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