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Favorable or Unfavorable #243: Bob Dole


Favorable or Unfavorable #243: Bob Dole  

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Bob Dole (KS-R) was a major figure for three decades. Despite his sour, sometimes agressive appearance, he was known for having a sense of humor that was sometimes compared to Lincoln's gift of humor. Some may say that Dole's endorsement of Trump in both 2016 and 2020 will hurt his legacy, especially among future Americans who will be detached from any emotional engagment in the partisanship of our times. I'm confident that more than 75% of Americans by the year 2050 will think of Trump as the most unethical man to ever hold the presidency. However, I think Dole's endorsement had more to do with being devoutly attached to party politics. He would have probably endorsed any GOP nominee, whether they were Jesus or Satan. In this sense, I don't fault him too much because I don't see him outright endorsing Trump's ideals. This can be seen in his support of Jeb Bush and then Rubio before having to decide between Trump and Cruz. I would have supported Trump over Cruz! 

I like to think of Dole's legacy as a wounded WWII vet, who as an immobile 95 year-old, used every measure of his diminished strength to stand up and salute the casket of his late friend GHW Bush. 

His actions:

Dole, Bob 1964 Conservative who votes for CR Act of 1964 and all of LBJ's CR and Voting Rights legis
Dole, Bob 1970 Major supporter of US involvement in the Vietnam War as the public grows weary
Dole, Bob 1972 as GOP national chairman defends Nixon, even as Watergate fallout grows in 1973
Dole, Bob 1976 GOP nominee for VP; debates Mondale but makes huge gaffe
Dole, Bob 1980 candidate for GOP pres nom
Dole, Bob 1981 Influential Senate Finance Committee Chair. Served during Reagan's first 4 years - Reaganomics
Dole, Bob 1981 aids Reagan budget with misgivings
Dole, Bob 1981 alarmed at govt deficits, promotes TEFRA
Dole, Bob 1983 member of Social Security Commission
Dole, Bob 1985 Sen Maj Ldr
Dole, Bob 1987 Sen Min Ldr
Dole, Bob 1988 candidate for GOP pres nom
Dole, Bob 1990 Strongly supports Americans w/ Disabilities Act
Dole, Bob 1993 Successful fillbuster of Clinton's economic stimulus
Dole, Bob 1995 Sen Maj Ldr
Dole, Bob 1995 Leads on Line Item Veto Act
Dole, Bob 1996 GOP nom at age about 73, oldest first-time nominee at the time
Dole, Bob 1998 Now, ex-Sen, advises Clinton censure rather than impeachment
Dole, Bob 2007 Helps found Bipartisan Policy Center
Dole, Bob 2016 Only living GOP nominee to endorse Trump (preferred Bush and Rubio; opposed Cruz)
Dole, Bob 2021 Calls himself "Trumped Out," admitting that Trump lost the election, despite Trump's opinion to the contrary
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I am a Bob Dole acolyte, and I agree. I will always remember his salute to George HW Bush. A hilarious man in his prime, and even old age (1996 campaign)

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