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Favorable or Unfavorable #245: Jonathan Dolliver


Favorable or Unfavorable #245: Jonathan Dolliver  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #245: Jonathan Dolliver

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Sen. Jonathan Dolliver (IA-R) was an early progressive US Sen. Taft wanted him as VP to win over progressives disappointed in Taft following Roosevelt, but he waffled over accepting it or not. His support of Allison probably had more to do with knowing Allison would win and not wanting to get punished if he didn't vote for his powerful fellow US Sen of IA. He dies in 1910, soon after that action listed below when he was only 52. He never got to see the TR 3rd party run. 

His actions:

Dolliver, Jonathan 1900 Cand for VP at GOP Conv
Dolliver, Jonathan 1905 RR-reform stance in opposition to Aldrich
Dolliver, Jonathan 1906 Role in introducing Hepburn Act
Dolliver, Jonathan 1907 stand on corporate and labor bills
Dolliver, Jonathan 1908 Preferred VP choice by Taft, but hesitated to accept
Dolliver, Jonathan 1908 Backs incumbent Sen. Allison, a conservative, over fellow prog GOP Cummins in GOP primary in IA
Dolliver, Jonathan 1909 one of Prog action group opposed to P/A Tariff
Dolliver, Jonathan 1910 dares Taft to push Progressives from GOP
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