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Favorable or Unfavorable #248: James R Doolittle


Favorable or Unfavorable #248: James R Doolittle  

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JR Doolittle of WI was in opposition to the Radical Republicans during the CW and Reconstruction, ultimately leading to him to the Democrats. The year 1872 is an odd year. He had left the GOP, but Grant wanted him in the cabinet anyway as a token Democrat he could trust, but he also presides over Grant's opposition convention, and then gets attacked in the media by the nominee he endorses for president--Greeley. 

His actions:

Doolittle, James R. 1854 Breaks w/ Dems over KS-NE Act; soon joins GOP
Doolittle, James R. 1859? Proposes Const Amend't to ban secession
Doolittle, James R. 1861 At Peace Conf to avert CW
Doolittle, James R. 1861 Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chair. Served during the CW
Doolittle, James R. 1863 notable GOP conservative
Doolittle, James R. 1865 drafts pro-Johnson Wisconsin platform
Doolittle, James R. 1866 uses WI patronage against Senate colleague
Doolittle, James R. 1866 calls for 1866 National Union Convention
Doolittle, James R. 1867 construes Tenure of Office Act as it passes
Doolittle, James R. 1869 Opposes 15th Amendment, believing states should handle who votes and who does not
Doolittle, James R. 1871 Flips from GOP to Dem to run for Gov of WI (but loses)
Doolittle, James R. 1872 Considered for Sec of Interior by Grant
Doolittle, James R. 1872 Attacked by Greeley in press of fraud and suppressing reports of true conditions of Native American tribes
Doolittle, James R. 1872 Presides over Dem Conv, which decides not to field a candidate and endorse Greeley and Lib Reps instead
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