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Favorable or Unfavorable #249: Robert L Doughton


Favorable or Unfavorable #249: Robert L Doughton  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #249: Robert L Doughton

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RL Doughton (NC-D) was an influential FDR-era Democrat. While supporting the New Deal, he was conservative on the taxes needed for much of the New Deal. Unlike most Southern Dems, I found no major actions tying him to overt racism. He's likely a typical Southern Dem to get elected in NC at the time, but he must have been much more moderate in this area. 

His actions:

Doughton, Robert L 1932 co-leads revolt against leadership tax plan
Doughton, Robert L 1933 Influential House Ways and Means Committee Chair. 18 years w/ one brief break - Great Depr, New Deal, and WWII, early Cold War
Doughton, Robert L 1933 NIRA
Doughton, Robert L 1935 Big role in Social Security Act
Doughton, Robert L 1935 Lead role in getting Blue Ridge Parkway built
Doughton, Robert L 1935 quizzes Dr. Townsend on paying for his plan
Doughton, Robert L 1937 Introduces Marihuana Tax Act, taxing cannabis
Doughton, Robert L 1943 attacks tax plan as unfair
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