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Favorable or Unfavorable #256: David Duke


Favorable or Unfavorable #256: David Duke  

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David Duke of LA is a terrible human being. It is with great disgust that I include him here, but he does--more than anyone--show the white supremacist shift from Southern Democrat to Southern Republican and then toward Tea Party and finally Trump & Tucker Carlson. He could have more actions for his outrageous statements, but most of the time he's ignored, so I don't include them. I also don't include his statement that the Tea Party backed him to run against Romney and etc in the 2012 GOP Primary. 

His actions:

Duke, David 1980 KKK Grand Wizard runs as Dem Pres cand despite being only 29 years old (inelligible)
Duke, David 1988 Dem pres cand; drops out and switches to GOP
Duke, David 1989 Wins state Rep LA seat as Republican despite openly racist and bigoted campaign
Duke, David 1992 GOP pres cand
Duke, David 2002 Arrested after pleading guilty for felony fraud
Duke, David 2016 Endorses Trump, prompting the media to force Trump into disavowing the endorsement
Duke, David 2020 Backs Trump again, calling for him to drop Pence for Tucker Carlson to "stop the commie Bolsheviks"
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