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Favorable or Unfavorable #257: Allen Dulles


Favorable or Unfavorable #257: Allen Dulles  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #257: Allen Dulles

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Allen Dulles is the closest thing that we get to a J. Edgar Hoover of the CIA. Dulles was involved in government as early as the early 1930s, going over to Nazi Germany in 1933 and meeting Hitler, who he thought wasn't as bad as everyone was saying. He changed his mind when he went to Germany again in 1935. By 1936, he was writing routine essays arguing for US intervention. While he was a GOPer, he was basically Wilsonian internationalist, which was rare for the party until Pearl Harbor and the Cold War. The Cold War made just about everyone Wilsonian. 

His actions:

Dulles, Allen 1936 Writes 1st major essay questioning US neutrality in world affairs
Dulles, Allen 1949 Co-authors report critical of CIA
Dulles, Allen 1953 appt director of CIA by Eisenhower, escalates covert operations
Dulles, Allen 1953 Oversees Iran coup
Dulles, Allen 1953 Oversees MKUltra mind control program
Dulles, Allen 1954 Breaks into McCarthy's office to feed him disinformation to help quickly discredit him (unknown until 2004)
Dulles, Allen 1954 Oversees Guatemala coup
Dulles, Allen 1956 Oversees U-2 Program
Dulles, Allen 1961 Fired by JFK for Bay of Pigs fiasco
Dulles, Allen 1963 Appointed to Warren Commission by LBJ
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