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Favorable or Unfavorable #259: Dick Durbin


Favorable or Unfavorable #259: Dick Durbin  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #259: Dick Durbin

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Sen. Dick Durbin (IL-D) has few actions for a guy that's served forever in the Senate. This is mainly because he just a party-line guy that manages the party more than takes routine leads on original bills. Even most of his rhetoric is kind of predictable for the party. His time of standing out was 2000-2002. He soon became the party's Whip (before rising higher) and he sort of faded behind his job title. This might change if he replaces Schumer at some point. 

His actions:

Durbin, Dick 2000 Considered for VP nom by Gore
Durbin, Dick 2001 Introduces the DREAM Act
Durbin, Dick 2002 Broke w/ majority of his party by opposing Iraq War Resolution.
Durbin, Dick 2013 Member of Gang of 8 Bipartisan Reform
Durbin, Dick 2017 Takes a lead role pushing for bipartisan criminal justice reform
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I say this as a conservative Republican: I like what I see from Durbin, but I have a tendency to like any competent officials anyway. I'm going to give him the favorable even if I don't agree on policy. The Gang of 8 is a great group and he's bipartisan enough for me. If he managed to replace Schumer someday as Majority Leader I'd watch his tenure eagerly. 

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