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Favorable or Unfavorable #262: James O Eastland


Favorable or Unfavorable #262: James O Eastland  

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James O Eastland (MS-D) is the one of numerous Southern Democrat who were vocally religious, vocally racists, vocally antisemitic, and vocally anti-communist.

It seems to me that the most vocal Southern social conservatives are often the worst people to hold office. Sadly, they use their faith so frequently, possibly to try and balance out their open hatred. I think they think their "faith" cancels out anything controversial about them. The more loudly they flaunt their religion, the more deserving they are of Christian votes, I assume they believe. 

New Deal Democrats deserve a ton of blame for allowing these people to have a platform. Part of the New Deal Coalition (began by FDR and continued at least through Carter) was that Democratic Congressional leaders and presidents would see that that Southern Dems dominated the Chairs of Committees. In exchange, these Southern Dems would be allowed to money for infrastructure and etc., specifically for their states, and they would be allowed to vote against liberal legislation, so long as they allowed the legislation to get out of committee and for a vote. This didn't always go as planned. FDR quietly supported Civil Rights, but he kept quiet and often didn't act to keep Southern Dems in line. Truman was the first to show any real courage here, but even he appointed Southern Dems to powerful positions. 

If you've ever heard the term, "Self-Hating Southerner" or heard of people that said that "Christians turned me away from Christianity" it's because of people like James Eastland and David Duke. Maybe it should give us some hope that the most comparable Southern politicians today--such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, and Matt Gaetz, are no way nearly as verbally offensive as their predecessors were, however similar they may be in generating "Self-Hating Southerners" and Former Christians-turned-agnostic or athiest. Their strength, as with the Southern Democrats before them, seems to be in tapping into social conservative anger and politicizing it. 

His actions: 

Eastland, James O. 1942 critic of FDR's admin wartime race policies that were relatively black-friendly
Eastland, James O. 1944 plan for state control of soldier balloting
Eastland, James O. 1944 Protests SC ruling banning whites only primaries
Eastland, James O. 1945 Gives speech arguing the blacks are incapable soldiers
Eastland, James O. 1947 Calls Truman's supportive speech to NAACP as an attack on the Southern way of life
Eastland, James O. 1948 Discourages his state from voting for Truman, telling them not to waste their time
Eastland, James O. 1954 Protests Brown v. Board Decision, stating it "Destroyed the Constitution"
Eastland, James O. 1955 Opposes JM Harlan II's nomination to the SC
Eastland, James O. 1956 Signs Southern Manifesto
Eastland, James O. 1956 Influential Senate Judiciary Committee Chair. 22 years. Served during peak of Cold War, Great Society, Civil Rights, Race riots, Vietnam
Eastland, James O. 1956? Arguably the arch-opponent of Civil Rights; "Voice of the White South"
Eastland, James O. 1957 Tries to argue that blacks want segregation
Eastland, James O. 1961 catered to by JFK on judge appointment
Eastland, James O. 1961 promises JFK Freedom Fighters safe in MS
Eastland, James O. 1963 Opposes JFK's Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Eastland, James O. 1963 stalls on civil rights bill
Eastland, James O. 1964 As friend of LBJ, does not publicly support Goldwater, while also not publicly opposing LBJ
Eastland, James O. 1968 Opposes Abe Fortas as Chief Justice b/c he doesn't want a Jewish Chief Justice swearing in presidents
Eastland, James O. 1972 Helped by Nixon (covertly) in reelection bid against strong GOP opponent Carmichael
Eastland, James O. 1972 Does not endorse Dem Cand McGovern to allow Nixon to carry MS
Eastland, James O. 1974 One of the last defenders of Nixon during Watergate controversy, despite being a Dem
Eastland, James O. 1974 Co-sponsors Helms's bill aimed at permitting school prayer in public school
Eastland, James O. 1976 Backs Carter because Southern Dem, albeit a moderate-to-liberal one
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