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Favorable or Unfavorable #263: John Eaton


Favorable or Unfavorable #263: John Eaton  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #263: John Eaton

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John Eaton of TN was an officer who was part of Jackson's staff during the War of 1812 and Creek War. He served at New Orleans in 1815. A few years later he was an illegal US Senator, but the concept of asking for a date of birth wasn't really a thing. You occasionally had people that didn't even know how old they were. 

Eaton was a slaveholder that seemed to be okay with some restrictions to slavery; for instance, he supported the MO Compromise as a wise move. He later became a Whig in opposition to Van Buren, but upon becoming a Whig, he sort of disappeared as an active politicians, despite only being 50 years old. 

His actions:

Eaton, John 1818 Youngest US Sen in history at age 28, illegal under the US Constitution
Eaton, John 1820 moves a proviso regarding MO Compromise
Eaton, John 1824 Big role in getting Jackson campaign going
Eaton, John 1829 Confirmed Sec of War for Jackson
Eaton, John 1831 Begins negotiating w/ tribes during Indian Removal process
Eaton, John 1831 He and wife are center of Petticoat Affair scandal as they married soon after her 1st husband died; compelled to resign as Sec of War
Eaton, John 1834 Appt Gov of FL Terr by Jackson
Eaton, John 1836 Appt Amb to Spain by Jackson
Eaton, John 1836 Upsets Jackson by not endorsing Van Buren
Eaton, John 1837 Kept on as Amb to Spain by Van Buren
Eaton, John 1840 Breaks w/ Dems by supporting Harrison over Van Buren b/c recently fired as Amb of Spain; soon switches to Whig Party
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12 minutes ago, Murrman104 said:

Why did he dislike Van Buren? 

Possibly because he’s a Northerner. He disliked him later for having removed him as Amb to Spain, although Eaton is said to have done basically nothing in this role. 

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