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Favorable or Unfavorable #269: Robert B Elliott


Favorable or Unfavorable #269: Robert B Elliott  

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RB Elliott (SC-R) has a rather unusual life. He was in England during the Civil War, possibly having never been to America, although he was in the British Navy, so who knows. As such, he is a black Reconstruction politicians with no close connection to US and slavery. He arrived in the US in 1867, four years later, he's a US Rep. In 1882, he was working for the treasury department, and sent to New Orleans, where he caught malaria and was fired, probably for racial reasons. He died impoverished two years later at age 41. He was known as an orator and probably had a British accent. 

His actions:

Elliott, Robert B. 1871 British-born afro-Carribean Reconstruction Congress person takes office after 4 yrs US residency
Elliott, Robert B. 1871 Gives notable speech on Force Bill to combat KKK
Elliott, Robert B. 1874 backs Civil Rights bill in notable speech
Elliott, Robert B. 1880 Back John Sherman for GOP pres nom, working on his campaign
Elliott, Robert B. 1881 Meets w/ Garfield to protest lack of civil rights and political rights for blacks in the South
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