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Favorable or Unfavorable #270: Oliver Ellsworth


Favorable or Unfavorable #270: Oliver Ellsworth  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #270: Oliver Ellsworth

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O Ellsworth (CT-F) is probably the most influential politician from his state. It's hard to find anyone comparable for CT. He was basically a Hamilton man, although not a crony. The 1796 actions needs some explanation---when CT electors met, several of them refused to support Thomas Pinckney of SC, the planned VP for Adams. Pinckney was extremely pro-slavery and very Southern otherwise, despite being a Federalist. When they protest voted for a fellow New Englander, they didn't really consider that it would help Jefferson become VP or they believed Jefferson and Pinckney would be interchangeable, so it really didn't matter. SC was a Federalist stronghold, but it was weakened because New England often couldn't stomach anyone south of Pennsyvlania and New Jersey. This is sort of the same issue Van Buren had with Southern Dems in the 1830s and 1840s. 

His actions:

Ellsworth, Oliver 1789 Authors Judiciary Act of 1789
Ellsworth, Oliver 1789 A key Senate ally for Hamilton
Ellsworth, Oliver 1790 Leads passage of Funding Act in the Senate
Ellsworth, Oliver 1791 Leads Passage of Bank Bill in the Senate
Ellsworth, Oliver 1794 proposes Union be dissolved
Ellsworth, Oliver 1794 Major role in convincing Washington to send Jay to England for treaty
Ellsworth, Oliver 1796 Receives EVs for Pres/VP, from CT voters refusing to pack Pinckney as VP, allowing Jefferson to be VP for Adams
Ellsworth, Oliver 1796 Confirmed as ChJ of the SC for Washington after Rutledge was rejected by the Senate
Ellsworth, Oliver 1799 Most notable member of the envoys to France securing Peace, serving as diplomat while also ChJ
Ellsworth, Oliver 1800 Resigns as ChJ of the SC due to health, with no real major cases during his term
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