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Favorable or Unfavorable #273: Sam Ervin


Favorable or Unfavorable #273: Sam Ervin  

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Sam Ervin (NC-D) was another openly racist Southern Democrat. To his credit, Ervin was a lot more reflective and original in his thinking, occasionally willing to compromise in things other Southerners didn't want to compromise on. For instance, he suggested he would help make a watereddown version of the Voting Rights Act. He later evolved on segregation, but said desegregation shouldn't have been forced--which is sort of a weak stance, considering it wouldn't have ended without such force. He was excellent at investigation. Unlike many Southern Democrats, he was a firm believer of the separation of Church and State as the best assurance of liberty. For whatever reason, seemed as wary of a religious takeover of the state as a possible socialist takeover of the state. 

His actions:

Ervin, Sam 1954 Committee role in bringing down McCarthy amid McCarthyism fall out
Ervin, Sam 1956 Helped draft the Southern Manifesto opposed to desegregation and Brown v. Board of Ed
Ervin, Sam 1958 frames anti-racketeering labor bill
Ervin, Sam 1961 admits legality of JFK admin's MS moves
Ervin, Sam 1965 points to anomalies in Voting Rights Act formula, calling the act "unconstitutional'
Ervin, Sam 1965 Opposes Immigration Act because it abolishes nationality quotas
Ervin, Sam 1966 Const Amdt to override Miranda decision
Ervin, Sam 1966 Defeats Dirksen's School Prayer Constitutional Amendment arguing it violates civil liberties
Ervin, Sam 1970 1 of 3 Sens to vote against occupational safety bill
Ervin, Sam 1973 Proposes 5 bills to weaken power of the presidency, one which would abolish pocket vetos
Ervin, Sam 1973 chairs investigation of Watergate (Ervin Committee)
Ervin, Sam 1973 deal to receive Nixon tapes doesn't work
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