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Favorable or Unfavorable #276: William Eustis


Favorable or Unfavorable #276: William Eustis  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #276: William Eustis

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William Eustis (MA-JR) was one of the token MA politicians that the Virginia Dynasty liked to use to earn support in New England. Eustis was a moderate JR as can be seen below. He's unfortunately one of the worst Sec's of War being a poor administrator. 

His actions:

Eustis, William 1801 Broke w/ party by opposing Jefferson's repeal of the Midnight Judges
Eustis, William 1802 Defeats future pres JQ Adams to keep his US House seat
Eustis, William 1803 Opposes 12th Amendment, unlike most Jeffersonian Republicans
Eustis, William 1804 Impeachment manager in Judge Pickering impeachment trial
Eustis, William 1804 Calls for merchant vessels to the West Indies to be armed
Eustis, William 1809 Confirmed Sec of War for Madison
Eustis, William 1813 Forced to resign after proving ineffective during War of 1812
Eustis, William 1814 Appt Amb to Netherlands for Madison
Eustis, William 1820 Publicly opposes MO's Constitution for statehood as it bars free blacks from entering the state
Eustis, William 1822 Defeats Federalist Harrison Gray Otis to be Gov of MA, basically ending Federalist power there
Eustis, William 1824 Considered for VP
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