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Favorable or Unfavorable #278: Edward Everett


Favorable or Unfavorable #278: Edward Everett  

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Edward Everett of MA was a close ally to Daniel Webster. His moderate course on slavery rubbed New Englanders the wrong way as the nation crept toward Civil War. 

His actions:

Everett, Edward 1825 A leader of the pro-Adams coalition
Everett, Edward 1826 Gives speech opposing propose Amendment to take the US House out of contested Pres elections
Everett, Edward 1826 Upsets Northerners by appearing to support slavery by defending the 3/5th Compromise in speech
Everett, Edward 1830 a leading pro-capitalist Whig publicist
Everett, Edward 1841 Appt Amb to UK for Tyler
Everett, Edward 1842 role in Webster-Ashburton negotiations
Everett, Edward 1845 Kept on as Amb to UK for almost half a year by Polk
Everett, Edward 1852 Confirmed to replace Webster who had died; recommended by Webster before death to Fillmore
Everett, Edward 1854 Resigns from US Sen due to criticism for opposing KS-NE but being only lukewarm to abolitionism
Everett, Edward 1860 Const Un candidate for pres and eventual VP nominee
Everett, Edward 1860 Role in Crittenden Compromise
Everett, Edward 1863 Gives lengthy speech prior to Lincoln's address at Gettysburg
Everett, Edward 1864 Backs Lincoln's reelection despite being Const Union in 1860
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