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Favorable or Unfavorable #280: Charles W Fairbanks


Favorable or Unfavorable #280: Charles W Fairbanks  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #280: Charles W Fairbanks

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VP CW Fairbanks (IN-R) was selected to balance out TR's 1904 election ticket. Fairbanks was of the conservative wing of the party. Fairbanks almost became VP again in 1916 in that close election, which would have made him the third VP to serve two presidents, after G Clinton and JC Calhoun. 

His actions:

Fairbanks, Charles W. 1896 Delivers keynote address at GOP Conv
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1898 A key advisor for McKinley during the war
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1904 VP on TR's winning ticket
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1905 Conservative VP more or less isolated from admin by TR; Actively works against TR's Prog policies as VP in Senate
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1908 Rep Cand for Pres
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1909 Exits as VP as first full-term VP to never cast a tie-breaking vote
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1912 Backs Taft over Roosevelt, who he had served under as VP
Fairbanks, Charles W. 1916 Rep VP nom and pres cand
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