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Favorable or Unfavorable #282: James Farley


Favorable or Unfavorable #282: James Farley  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #282: James Farley

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James Farley (NY-D) is probably the most successful behind the scenes politicos in US History. Without him, I don't think you get FDR or a New Deal Coalition. Farley's strong belief in equal rights and his eagerness to open government jobs to blacks and women helped his party win over this demographic from the GOP. However, his great intentions are somewhat balanced out by likely corruption. Why he avoided major scandals, he was routinely attacked for holding three offices at once: US Postmaster General, Democratic National Committee Chairman, and NY Democratic Party Chairman. His ability to hand out government jobs to union leaders, blacks, women, Southerners, etc build the New Deal Coalition. FDR gave him, a Catholic, the honor of nomalizing relations with the Pope. In 1940, FDR waited until the last moment to announce his 3rd term. As such, Farley thought it was his turn to be president, considering all he had done for FDR and Democrats. 

His actions:

Farley, James 1928 Revolutionary campaign manager, using polling data, to rise FDR to Gov of NY
Farley, James 1930 Becomes NY Party boss for Dems, holding on until 1944, although his power was waning after 1940
Farley, James 1932 FDR's campaign manager for pres
Farley, James 1932 Chairs Dem National Committee through New Deal and Great Depression, crafting New Deal Coalition
Farley, James 1933 Confirmed PM Gen, while keeping DNC and NY Dem Chair roles
Farley, James 1933 Sent by FDR to Vatican to normalize relations with Holy See
Farley, James 1936 FDR campaign manager, accurately predicts FDR will lose only 2 states; wins over black voters from GOP
Farley, James 1937 In rare disagreement, opposes FDR's court packing scheme
Farley, James 1940 Resigns to run for president against FDR as he opposed FDR running for a 3rd term as he thought it was his turn to be president
Farley, James 1947 Appt by Truman to Hoover Commission
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