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Favorable or Unfavorable #289: Millard Fillmore


Favorable or Unfavorable #289: Millard Fillmore  

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Pres. Millard Fillmore of NY was a moderate Whig, who like Arthur, was generally a pawn for a kingmaker until he became Pres on the death of the incumbent president. Fillmore, despite being considered a do-nothing president, was actually quite forceful as president. 

He opposed slavery, but he veered away from making public stances on it, unlike Seward. He and Seward were the rivals as the top Whig politicians in NY with Seward being vocally anti-slavery. Fillmore wanted to avoid disunion, but upset the growing anti-slavery sentiment in the North. His enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act cost him the support of the North, which is why he lost renomination in 1852. If you look at his support map at Convention, he's embraced by the South. 

Following the collapse of the Whigs, he chose to go with the Know Nothings over the abolitionist GOP. He seemed to be more anti-immigrant than anti-slavery. Soon after, he joins the Democrats as a War Democrat until 1864 when he just wants peace, even if the result was a bloody war to keep the status quo. 

His actions:

Fillmore, Millard 1833 Switches from Anti-Mason to Whig to win his first election as US Rep
Fillmore, Millard 1839? NY Whig rivalry against Seward breaks out (both were proteges of Thurlow Weed too)
Fillmore, Millard 1840 Backs Winfield Scott for Whig pres; opposes Clay, but happy with Harrison
Fillmore, Millard 1841 Unsuccessful in bid for Speaker of the House
Fillmore, Millard 1842 introduces tariff bill (Tariff of 1842)
Fillmore, Millard 1844 a Cand for VP for Whigs at Whig Conv
Fillmore, Millard 1844 Forced to run for Gov of NY by his handler Thurlow Weed; Fillmore loses, blaming his defeat on "foreign Catholics"
Fillmore, Millard 1848 VP on Taylor's winning ticket
Fillmore, Millard 1849 Immediately sidelined by Taylor who did not like Fillmore and preferred Seward's advice
Fillmore, Millard 1850 As VP presides over the beginning of the Compromise of 1850 debates in the US Senate
Fillmore, Millard 1850 Becomes President on Taylor's death
Fillmore, Millard 1850 Accepts resignation of entire Taylor cabinet
Fillmore, Millard 1850 Uses influence to get Compromise of 1850 through House
Fillmore, Millard 1850 Signs Compromise of 1850, which Taylor was to veto before his death
Fillmore, Millard 1850 Comes out against TX claims on NM land
Fillmore, Millard 1850 Appts Mormon leader Brigham Young as 1st Gov of Utah Terr. during time when Mormons are unpopular
Fillmore, Millard 1851 Nominates Curtis to the SC
Fillmore, Millard 1851 Begins vigorously enforcing Fugitive Slave Act, despite personally opposing slavery
Fillmore, Millard 1851 Threatens retaliation if France annexes Hawaii
Fillmore, Millard 1852 Fails to earn renomination
Fillmore, Millard 1852 US Senate blocks SC vacancy to keep spot open for Pierce (Bradford, Badger, and Micou noms are all fruitless)
Fillmore, Millard 1852 Sends Commodore Perry to open up trade w/ Japan
Fillmore, Millard 1855 Publishes letter warning of immigrant influences in America
Fillmore, Millard 1855 Leaves Whigs to join Know Nothing Party, as the Whigs begin to collapse
Fillmore, Millard 1856 Know Nothing nominee for pres, although he may not have been involved in his nomination
Fillmore, Millard 1857 Joins Democratic Party
Fillmore, Millard 1860 Votes for Douglas for pres
Fillmore, Millard 1861 Supports Union war effort, but becomes critical of Lincoln's managing of it
Fillmore, Millard 1864 Votes for McClellan, seeking to restore the Union via peace, even if it meant South returning as slave states
Fillmore, Millard 1865 Supports Johnson's reconstruction policies over that of the GOP
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