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Favorable or Unfavorable #290: Hamilton Fish


Favorable or Unfavorable #290: Hamilton Fish  

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Hamilton Fish of NY is considered to be one of the most efficient Sec of States ever. Typically, cabinet members don't get a lot of actions, but he did. A lot of this is because he was Grant's top advisor and Grant was mostly inexperienced (outside of war and defense). The one area Fish ignored in Grant's admin was Reconstruction and anything pertaining to blacks. He was uninterested in both. Prior to the CIvil War, he opposed the extension of slavery and the idea of slavery, but abolition or equality didn't light any sort of fire in him. He called himself for a few years after that party was basically dead, probably hoping that the GOP would be a one-time party for the 1856 election. 

His success and activity as Sec of State can't be ignored. 

His actions:

Fish, Hamilton 1850 Planned to be the new Sec of Treasury before Pres. Taylor dies in office
Fish, Hamilton 1857 One of the last Whigs to admit their party was dead; reluctantly joins GOP as moderate
Fish, Hamilton 1869 Confirmed Sec of State for Grant after an ill Washburne resigns after only 11 weeks on the job
Fish, Hamilton 1869 Negotiates annexation of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Fish, Hamilton 1869 Influential in keeping Grant from recognizing the Cuban independence movement
Fish, Hamilton 1871 Said to not be interested in Grant's policy to destroy the KKK; generally bored of Reconstruction policy and black equality
Fish, Hamilton 1871 Negotiated treaty settling Alabama claims
Fish, Hamilton 1871 Sends naval expedition to open trade w/ Korea, but it fails
Fish, Hamilton 1872 Helps Grant use influence to diminish influence of Sumner in Foreign Relations
Fish, Hamilton 1873 Resolves Virginius Affair diffusing war vs Spain over Cuba
Fish, Hamilton 1874 Threatens to resign if Grant signs Inflation Bill; Grant vetoes it
Fish, Hamilton 1875 Negotiates free trade treaty w/ Hawaii, which was the first step to annexation
Fish, Hamilton 1875 Demands Grant fire Delano amid scandals, but Grant refuses
Fish, Hamilton 1876 Grant sends a note to GOP Conv recommending Fish for president, but the Conv doesn't read the letter
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