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Favorable or Unfavorable #292: Jeff Flake


Favorable or Unfavorable #292: Jeff Flake  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #292: Jeff Flake

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Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ-R) is somewhere between an establishment Republican and a Libertarian. That he's aligned with Biden later one is purely because of opposition to MAGA. If MAGA goes away, Flake jumps back into the party as an active ally. Several times Flake was mentioned as having the most fiscally conservative voting record. 

His actions:

Flake, Jeff 2005 1 of only 11 US Reps to vote against supplement aid in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Flake, Jeff 2009 Introduces STAPLE Act to give special status to US-educated immigrants w. PhDs in STEM degrees
Flake, Jeff 2013 Member of "Gang of 8" bipartisan immigrant reform group
Flake, Jeff 2014 GOPer who supports Obama's attempt to normalize relations w/ Cuba
Flake, Jeff 2016 Supports GOP plan to block Garland's SC nom, unless Clinton wins 2016 election
Flake, Jeff 2016 Calls on Trump to drop out of race after Access Hollywood scandal
Flake, Jeff 2016 Does not vote for Trump
Flake, Jeff 2017 Announces he will not seek reelection; gives strong statement against GOP and Trump.
Flake, Jeff 2017 Refuses to endorse Roy Moore for US Senate; Donates money to Dem Doug Jones
Flake, Jeff 2017 Opposes Trump's Muslim ban
Flake, Jeff 2017 co-sponsors Israel Anti-Boycott Act
Flake, Jeff 2018 Votes for Kavanaugh confirmation to the SC after speculation that he'd oppose, considering nom's sexual assault allegations
Flake, Jeff 2018 Refuses to vote on Trump judicial nominees until Senate protects independence of Mueller Investigation
Flake, Jeff 2020 Endorses Biden over Trump
Flake, Jeff 2022 Appt as Amb to Turkey by Biden
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