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Favorable or Unfavorable #293: Duncan U Fletcher


Favorable or Unfavorable #293: Duncan U Fletcher  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #293: Duncan U Fletcher

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Sen. Duncan U Fletcher (FL-D) is a typical racist Southern Dem of the time, and yet another that gets a powerful committee chair. An increasingly liberal parties gives their social conservatives powerful chair committees to keep them in the party. FDR was hoping to purge them from the party and then try to win over liberal GOPers like LaGuardia and Wilkie, who often sided w/ FDR more than they did with GOPers. Ultimately, FDR's dream sort of worked out. 

His actions:

Fletcher, Duncan U 1913 frames bill for land banks
Fletcher, Duncan U 1928 Introduces bill to create Everglades National Park (not signed until 1934 by FDR)
Fletcher, Duncan U 1931 Gives speech in support of white people, States Rights, and defending the Confederacy, but arguing against term "Lost Cause"
Fletcher, Duncan U 1933 Influential Senate Banking Committee Chair. Served during the Great Depression; Glass-Steagall
Fletcher, Duncan U 1934 Fletcher-Rayburn Act to regulate stock exchange
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