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Favorable or Unfavorable #296: Michael Flynn


Favorable or Unfavorable #296: Michael Flynn  

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Gen. Michael Flynn gets a lot of actions because of a slew of unusual instances and rhetoric. Part of me wonders if war really messed up his brain. There's very little in most of his military career that foreshadows his later blundering. 

His actions:

Flynn, Michael 2011 Promoted to Lt Gen after years as an intelligence and combat officer
Flynn, Michael 2015 Time as foreign agent in Turkey and gala w/ Putin in Russia are later criticized in 2016 and 2017
Flynn, Michael 2016 Democrat general who joins Trump's campaign as an advisor
Flynn, Michael 2016 Considered for VP, despite still being a Democrat
Flynn, Michael 2017 Appt Nat Sec Advisor by Trump
Flynn, Michael 2017 After only 22 days, compelled to resign after willfilly misleading VP Pence regarding Russia
Flynn, Michael 2020 His felony for willfully and knowingly making false statements is pardoned by Trump
Flynn, Michael 2020 Suggests Trump should suspend the US Constitution, silence the press, and have a new election under martial law
Flynn, Michael 2022 Formally leaves Dems for GOP
Flynn, Michael 2023 Leaves GOP for Constitution Party, embracing Christian Nationalism as an ideology
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