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Favorable or Unfavorable #299: Joseph B Foraker


Favorable or Unfavorable #299: Joseph B Foraker  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #299: Joseph B Foraker

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JB Foraker was one of the most powerful OH politicians from the 1880s-1900s. He is best known for his rivalry with Mark Hanna and then with TR. His confrontation at the Gridiron Dinner is believed to be the first public confrontation of an incumbent president at a formal event. TR and Foraker had disagreed over the Brownsville Affair and TR was expected to make jokes at the dinner, but he criticized Foraker's stance, causing Foraker to stand up and get angry with TR and his view. This caused TR to get heated and he argued back. Foraker was one of the conservatives that opposed TR's progressive policies, generally. 

His actions:

Foraker, Joseph B 1887 As Gov of OH, refuses Pres Cleveland's request to return captured CSA flags to the South
Foraker, Joseph B 1888 Breaks w/ Ohio Party Boss Mark Hanna, becoming his rival in the state GOP
Foraker, Joseph B 1888 Supports John Sherman for pres at Conv
Foraker, Joseph B 1896 Gives nominating speech for McKinley at Conv
Foraker, Joseph B 1898 Something of a warhawk leading up to Spanish-American War
Foraker, Joseph B 1900 Gives nominating speech for McKinley renom at Conv; opposes TR as VP
Foraker, Joseph B 1900 Foraker Act for governing Puerto Rico
Foraker, Joseph B 1903 maneuvers Ohio GOP org behind TR
Foraker, Joseph B 1904 Declines to run for Pres; sends GOP resolution endorsing TR, mainly to embarrass GOP pres cand Hanna
Foraker, Joseph B 1906 role in Hepburn RR regulation act
Foraker, Joseph B 1907 Role in preventing Congress from making NM and AZ into one state
Foraker, Joseph B 1907 Angry confrontation w/ TR at Gridiron Dinner
Foraker, Joseph B 1908 Rep Cand for Pres
Foraker, Joseph B 1908 revealed to be on Standard Oil pad
Foraker, Joseph B 1908 Defeated for reelection w/ the help of TR's influence
Foraker, Joseph B 1908 resolution to investigate Brownsville race affair
Foraker, Joseph B 1917 Supports Wilson's move toward war wiith Germany; dies soon after
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