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Favorable or Unfavorable #300: Gerald Ford


Favorable or Unfavorable #300: Gerald Ford  

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Pres. Gerald Ford (MI-R) is the only person to never be elected as Pres or VP. He had a relatively quiet post-presidency, when he soon seem to align more with Democrats the few times he spoke out, primarily because the rightward shift of the Republicans. As a US Rep he mainly operated as a leader, rather than as an originator of bills. Had he never been VP, he's probably be almost completely forgotten. He had planned to retire in 1976 before he was named VP.

His actions:

Ford, Gerald 1963 Appt to Warren Commission by LBJ
Ford, Gerald 1965 House Minority Leader
Ford, Gerald 1965 Role in Voting Rights Act
Ford, Gerald 1967 Comes in second in Speaker election for another term as House Minority Leader
Ford, Gerald 1967 sees 1966 election as repudiation of LBJ
Ford, Gerald 1969 Comes in second in Speaker election, for a 3rd term as House Minority Leader
Ford, Gerald 1970 moves to impeach Justice W.O. Douglas
Ford, Gerald 1971 Comes in second in Speaker election, for a 4th term as House Minority Leader
Ford, Gerald 1972 helps kill Patman's probe of Watergate
Ford, Gerald 1973 Comes in second in Speaker election, for a 5th term as House Minority Leader
Ford, Gerald 1973 Appt VP to replace Agnew
Ford, Gerald 1974 Becomes President following Nixon's resignation
Ford, Gerald 1974 Retains Nixon's cabinet
Ford, Gerald 1974 Pardons Nixon
Ford, Gerald 1974 Appts Rockefeller as VP
Ford, Gerald 1974 Presides during the height of Stagflation
Ford, Gerald 1974 Begins passive Whip Inflation Now policy
Ford, Gerald 1974 Flip flops between publicly calling for tax increases and tax cuts
Ford, Gerald 1975 Signs the Self-Determination and Education Act
Ford, Gerald 1975 Presides over worst economy since Great Depression
Ford, Gerald 1975 Threatens veto if Congress tries to bailout NYC during crisis
Ford, Gerald 1975 Supports Equal Rights Amendment
Ford, Gerald 1975 Signs Handicapped Children Act
Ford, Gerald 1975 Signs Inchochina Migration Act, for Vietnameze Refugees
Ford, Gerald 1975 Survives two assassination attempts
Ford, Gerald 1975 Appts JP Stevens to SC
Ford, Gerald 1975 Helsinki Accords
Ford, Gerald 1975 Signs Tax Reduction Act of 1975, despite having considered vetoing it.
Ford, Gerald 1975 Mayaguez Incident
Ford, Gerald 1975 Declares end of Vietnam War
Ford, Gerald 1976 Debate gaffe -- "There is no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe"
Ford, Gerald 1976 Defeated in bid to win election in his own right
Ford, Gerald 1980 Strongly consideres, then declines to run for pres
Ford, Gerald 1980 Requests to be made a virtual co-president if made VP for Reagan (Reagan's 1st choice for VP, but rejects this demand)
Ford, Gerald 1994 Publicly supports Assault Weapons Ban
Ford, Gerald 2004 Opposes Bush's rationale for war in Iraq and going to war there in general
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