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Favorable or Unfavorable #306: Joseph I France


Favorable or Unfavorable #306: Joseph I France  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #306: Joseph I France

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JI France (MD-R) was something of a liberal-to-progressive GOPer. Not captured in a specific action below is that he was also active in advocating for Civil Rights, which is significant as he represented a former slave state. His support of recognizing the USSR had nothing to do with any sort of ideological support for Communism. I think he just wanted open channels and diffused tensions. 

His actions:

France, Joseph I 1917 letter to Wilson advising armed neutrality
France, Joseph I 1918 Blasts Sedition Act as too restrictive to free speech after his amendment to water it down fails
France, Joseph I 1920 Opposes Prohibition Amendment, warning that it will split the GOP into two parties
France, Joseph I 1920 Calls for WWI dissenters to be pardoned
France, Joseph I 1921 backs recognition of USSR, soon after being the 1st US Sen to visit it, meeting Lenin
France, Joseph I 1932 Outperfoms Hoover in Rep primaries, but does not contest Hoover at Conventions
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I should also note that France was defeated for reelection in 1922. That he did relatively well in challenging incumbent Hoover 10 years late really reflects how unpopular Hoover was. France would have been an unknown to some people.

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