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Favorable or Unfavorable #307: Barney Frank


Favorable or Unfavorable #307: Barney Frank  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #307: Barney Frank

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Barney Frank (MA-D) was the first significant openly gay US politician at the federal level. He was in the closed for the first 6 years as US Rep. Many would argue that Frank was the most significant US Rep in getting the US out of the Great Recession and on to the road of recovery. 

Some elaborations on actions. Coming out in 1987, regardless of your view on LGBT people, was a rather brave thing to do. In 1989, Frank had hired a gay male prostitute to be his aide, driver, etc. When it was learned, Frank called for an investigation into himself. The House requested to do so, found no real wrong-doing, and gave him a light reprimand. Larry Craig, who soon would get caught trying to have sex with a male undercover cop, tried to get Frank censured and expelled. 


His actions:

Frank, Barney 1987 Publicly comes out as gay, the first to come out voluntarily; the most well-known gay politician of his time
Frank, Barney 1989 Larry Craig fails in attempt to censure and expel Frank for minor scandal involving gay prostitute
Frank, Barney 1990 Role in Immigration Act
Frank, Barney 2001 Co-sponsors Constitutional Amendment to apply equal rights to gender differences
Frank, Barney 2007 Influential House Financial Services Committee Chair, serving during Great Recession and recovery
Frank, Barney 2007 co-sponsors Equal Rights Amendment
Frank, Barney 2008 Co-sponsors bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana
Frank, Barney 2008 Role in Housing and Economic Recovery Act
Frank, Barney 2009 Role in Credit CARD Act
Frank, Barney 2010 co-sponsor of Dodd-Frank Act
Frank, Barney 2011 Introduces the first bill to end federal ban on marijuana
Frank, Barney 2012 1st incumbent Congress person to marry a same-sex partner
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