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Favorable or Unfavorable #310: John C Fremont


Favorable or Unfavorable #310: John C Fremont  

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John C Fremont (CA-R, generally). Although he was born in GA and raised elsewhere in the South, he was among the earliest anti-slavery figures. He was a member of the anti-slavery faction of Democrats, known as Free Soil Democrats. His father-in-law, Thomas Hart Benton, once a Jacksonian Democrat, would also become a Free Soil Democrat. Much of Fremont's political life is quite dramatic. He was impulsive and ignored rules and other authority, acting as his own authority. 

Let me expain some actions. The marriage in 1841 made Benton furious, although he gradually accepted it and then accepted him. Benton helped Fremont get into politics and Jessie Benton Fremont (the wife of JC) was one of the most politically active spouses. She was basically his campaign manager in 1856. He seems appropriate as a 1st US Sen for CA as the state will soon be famous for having so many celebrities. The charges in 1861 were mostly due to rivalry with the Blairs in MO but there is some grounds for it. The extravagant living, while in charge of the Dept of the West, was pretty controversial. 

His actions:

Fremont, John C 1841 At 28, elopes w/ 16-year-old daughter of Sen TH Benton, ushering the explorer into the political realm
Fremont, John C 1847 Famous explorer briefly Mil Gov of CA during Mex-War, but is court martialed for disobeying military orders and removed
Fremont, John C 1848 Military and political career saved by Pres Polk who commuted his sentence and reinstates him in the army
Fremont, John C 1850 A 1st US Sen ever for CA
Fremont, John C 1854 Leaves Dem Party for the new GOP over KS-NE Act; had been prospective 1856 Dem cand possibility for pres until then
Fremont, John C 1856 Rep nominee for pres, the first ever
Fremont, John C 1861 Appt Maj Gen by Lincoln to be commander of the Army of the Dept of the West
Fremont, John C 1861 Accused of extravagance and corruption by FP Blair
Fremont, John C 1861 Unilaterally attempts to Emancipate Slaves in Missouri, upsetting Lincoln who removes him from command of the Dept of the West
Fremont, John C 1862 More or less takes himself out of the war by declining to serve as a subordinant to Gen John Pope
Fremont, John C 1864 Preferred candidate of many Radical Republicans for pres, but drops out of race
Fremont, John C 1878 Appt gov of AZ Terr by Hayes but is rarely in the Terr
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27 minutes ago, vcczar said:

I appreciate that he was antislavery, but he should have stayed with exporing. He was unfit for politics or for the military. 

Pretty much where I'm at.  I appreciate that his heart was often in the right place, but often he blustered around so much he did more harm than good in pursuit of those goals.

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