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Favorable or Unfavorable #311: Bill Frist


Favorable or Unfavorable #311: Bill Frist  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #311: Bill Frist

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Bill Frist (TN-R) was a moderate Republican from a conservative state. His experience as a medical doc helped with his 1998 and both 2003 and the 2006 actions. This also certainly played a role in him breaking with the GOP to support Obamacare (although he was out of office). I get the idea that he was always a medical expert and professional first and a politician second. 

His actions:

Frist, Bill 1998 Provides medical attention to two capitol police officers that were shot
Frist, Bill 2003 Sen Maj Ldr
Frist, Bill 2003 Role in Medicare Modernization Act
Frist, Bill 2003 Role in creating and getting Senate support for Bush's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
Frist, Bill 2006 Plays role in convincing Bush to withdraw Miers as SC choice
Frist, Bill 2006 Leads Stem Cell Act through senate; vetoed by Bush
Frist, Bill 2006 Fulfills promise to serve only two-terms by not running for reelection.
Frist, Bill 2008 Declines to run for pres, despite being considered a good option
Frist, Bill 2009 Despite being fmr GOP Sen, comes out in support for Obamacare, stating he would have voted for it
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He's one contemporary Republican I can say I'm favorable about. I'm sure I'd usually disagree with his voting record, but he seemed both honorable, fair-minded, and knew when to break with this party. 

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Tennessee has one of my favorite lineups of Republicans in general. It's a shame that the unique identity of Tennessee Republicans has been traded for whatever braindead populism they subscribe to these days. Lamar Alexander, Bill Frist, Bill Brock, Howard Baker. For the longest time, Tennessee was such an East vs West divide. Democrats and the old Southern Democrats dominated that part of the state for a longggg time. Just as Republicans dominated the Eastern Part of the state which was Pro-Union during the Civil War, thus Republican. I have family in Eastern Tennessee. Love the mountains. Knoxville is an interesting place that's been changing since the Trump era... once the GOP city stronghold of the state, trending bluer and bluer as time goes on. 

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