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Favorable or Unfavorable #313: J William Fulbright


Favorable or Unfavorable #313: J William Fulbright  

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J William Fulbright (AR-D) is probably the most siginificant politician out of AR, aside from Bill Clinton. He was kind of the epitome of a Cold War liberal; however, he shared the common racism of Southern Democrats. Fulbright was somewhat of a moderate on race in the sense that he admitted equality was inevitable, but he thought improved education neeed to occur before the US was ready for equality. Unlike many Southern Dems, he stayed committed to the Democratic Party and didn't join in Southern Dem efforts in backing 3rd party bids or backing Goldwater. 

Let me clarify his weird 1946 action regarding Truman. In late 1946, Truman was a Pres who had come to the presidencly only through the death of FDR, and he was historically unpopular at the time, and Dems lost the midterms in a landslide in Nov 1946. Following this, Truman, who hadn't a VP, was urged by Fulbright to select GOP Sen of MI, Vandenberg, as Sec of State, and then immediately resign to make him president. I'm not completely sure what Fulbright's rationale is in this. It could be one or more of these reasons: 1) Truman is too unpopular to get elected on his own in 1948. 2) Vandenberg is the foreign policy expert US needs for post-war environment. 3) Vandenberg is old so he won't run for reelection, so Dems could win back presidency in two years. 4) Truman allowing a GOPer to become president will win over moderates and independents, allowing for Dems to win in a landslide in 1948. Who knows. 

His actions:

Fulbright, J. William 1943 Fulbright Resolution to commit US to a UN
Fulbright, J. William 1945 strong supporter of UN
Fulbright, J. William 1946 Suggests to Truman that Vandenberg be made Sec of State, Truman resigns so that Vandenberg is made pres
Fulbright, J. William 1946 Fulbright Program established
Fulbright, J. William 1950 Supports Jean Monnet's plan of a more unified Europe
Fulbright, J. William 1951 investigation of RFC corruption
Fulbright, J. William 1951 Opposes idea that US should enter Korean War
Fulbright, J. William 1951 Arguably primary Senate defender of Truman's firing of MacArthur
Fulbright, J. William 1952 Dem Pres Cand
Fulbright, J. William 1952 Blocks Alaska statehood bill as the state would support Civil Rights bills
Fulbright, J. William 1954 Only Sen to vote against appropriations for McCarthy's investigations
Fulbright, J. William 1956 Signs Southern Manifesto opposing desegregation
Fulbright, J. William 1959 Influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair. 16 years. Served during the peak of the Cold War, including through the Vietnam War
Fulbright, J. William 1961 JFKs choice for State but didn't get the spot b/c some in party objected
Fulbright, J. William 1961 advises JFK on Bay of Pigs invasion
Fulbright, J. William 1962 advises JFK in Cuban missile crisis
Fulbright, J. William 1964 Partakes in filibuster of Civil Rights Bill
Fulbright, J. William 1964 wideranging speech against Cold War mythology
Fulbright, J. William 1964 pilots Tonkin Gulf Resolution through Senate
Fulbright, J. William 1965 publicly criticizes admin Vietnam policy
Fulbright, J. William 1965 breaks with LBJ over Dom Rep CW policy
Fulbright, J. William 1966 writes The Arrogance of Power
Fulbright, J. William 1966 holds televised hearings against Vietnam war
Fulbright, J. William 1968 keeps criticizing Vietnam policy
Fulbright, J. William 1973 States that Israel controls the US Senate
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