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The problems with current copyright laws


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6 minutes ago, Patine said:

So, this is just news now? Ever heard of the Pirate Party International? They've been going on about this for almost two-and-a-half decades. But, hey, they're, "minor parties," so one listens to them or care what they say. If a major, "electable," party doesn't take it up in their platform, it's NOT an election and doesn't need to be worried about. EVERYONE knows that! 🤯

Actually, I know that the Pirate Parties have a strong support in the Czech Republic, and a fair amount of support in Iceland.

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TBH, I am curious what it would be like if the Pirates & Mayors win this time. I think copyright laws should exist, but that that they need to be less extreme/rigid. I mean, I understand that there should be a copyright during the author's life, but 70 years after his death is, in my opinion too long. Also, non-commercial private copying is IMO not the same thing as taking another person's work and selling it.

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