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Favorable or Unfavorable #316: Lyman Gage


Favorable or Unfavorable #316: Lyman Gage  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #316: Lyman Gage

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Lyman Gage of IL represents the kind of politician that would switch allegiances over the currency issue. He was a banker, so it is understandable that this was a priority issue for him. 

His actions:

Gage, Lyman 1884 Switches to the Dem Party to support Cleveland
Gage, Lyman 1893 Declines offer to be Sec of Treasury for Cleveland
Gage, Lyman 1896 Returns to GOP as he opposes WJ Bryan's stance on free silver; backs McKinley
Gage, Lyman 1897 Confirmed Sec of Treasury for McKinley
Gage, Lyman 1900 Role in Gold Standard Act, while as Sec of Treasury
Gage, Lyman 1901 Continues as Sec of Treasury for TR until he retires the next year
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I'm not strongly against him at all. I don't like Bourbon Democrats and he switched a way from Blaine and Harrison to join Cleveland. I also prefer WJ Bryan to McKinley and he switched away from Bryan. 

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