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Favorable or Unfavorable #317: Albert Gallatin


Favorable or Unfavorable #317: Albert Gallatin  

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Swiss-born Albert Gallatin of PA was a resident of the US just before the US Constitution was created. He, like Hamilton, have faced "natural born citizen" arguments. Nevertheless, Hamilton and Gallatin were both considered presidential possibilities during their lifetimes, which shows where Americans of the time generally felt on the issue. In fact, Gallatin was a VP nom in 1824. 

Gallatin is probably the most overlooked Jeffersonian. He is probably the most important one after Jefferson and Madison. He was an intellectual on par with both of them as well.

Gallatin never joined a party after the Jeffersonian Republicans collapsed. All of his actions after the 1824 election suggests a pull towards the National Republicans and then the Whigs. In fact, in 1811 he was more Whiggish on Banking than Henry Clay, while the latter wanted to kill the bank, Gallatin wanted to save it, despite not having wanted it to exist in the 1790s. 

As you can see, he had a long political life. 

His actions:

Gallatin, Albert 1793 Swiss-born US Sen becomes an arch-opponent of Hamilton
Gallatin, Albert 1794 Votes against 11th Amendment
Gallatin, Albert 1794 expelled from Senate since not a citizen 7 years; but soon gain US House seat
Gallatin, Albert 1794 role in diplomatically quelling Whiskey Rebellion
Gallatin, Albert 1795 moves to assure House control of appropriations
Gallatin, Albert 1797 proponent of isolationism
Gallatin, Albert 1797 w/ Madison now out of the US House, emerges as Jeffersonian floor leader
Gallatin, Albert 1797 House Jeffersonian leader regarding monetary policy
Gallatin, Albert 1798 major spokesman agains A&S Acts
Gallatin, Albert 1800 helps draft Land Act of 1800
Gallatin, Albert 1801 key strategist in Jeffersonian EC win during contested election
Gallatin, Albert 1801 Confirmed Sec of Treasury, becomes a leading advisor to Jefferson
Gallatin, Albert 1803 Seconds Madison's belief that LA Purchase is Constitutional
Gallatin, Albert 1807 Opposes the embargo
Gallatin, Albert 1809 Stays on as Sec of Treasury for Madison after Confirmation as Sec of State is blocked
Gallatin, Albert 1810 Fails in attempt to gain federal funding for manufacturers
Gallatin, Albert 1811 Favors saving the 1st Bank of the US, unlike many in his party, but Bank is killed
Gallatin, Albert 1814 Resigns from cabinet to work overseas for peace
Gallatin, Albert 1814 appointed commissioner to peace talks
Gallatin, Albert 1815 Declines Madison's request to return as Sec of Treasury
Gallatin, Albert 1815 Role in gaining support for 2nd US Bank
Gallatin, Albert 1816 Appt Amb to France by Madison
Gallatin, Albert 1817 Stays on as Amb to France for Monroe
Gallatin, Albert 1817 Helps negotiate Rush-Bagot Treaty
Gallatin, Albert 1818 Negotiated Treaty of 1818
Gallatin, Albert 1824 Nominee for VP on Crawford ticket but agrees to drop out later on Crawford's request, so Crawford can use VP as bartering chip
Gallatin, Albert 1825 Declines offer to be Sec of Treasury for Adams
Gallatin, Albert 1826 Appt Amb to UK by Adams
Gallatin, Albert 1830 Amid Indian Removal, prefers assimilation to removal
Gallatin, Albert 1836 Fails in attempt to convince Jackson to save the 2nd US Bank
Gallatin, Albert 1846 Opposes Polk's expansionist policies and the Mexican War
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