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Favorable or Unfavorable #319: James A Garfield


Favorable or Unfavorable #319: James A Garfield  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #319: James A Garfield

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Pres. JA Garfield (OH-R) went on a different trajectory than some CW-era Radical Republicans many became anti-reformist Stalwarts because civil service reform would cost blacks political jobs, especially in the South where most blacks lived. Thus, opposition to reform was seen as a Civil Rights issue. Garfield, despite having been an abolitionist and Radical Republican, support Civil Service reform, and is thus considered a Half-Breed. However, as president Garfield appointed blacks to minor federal offices in DC.

It's kind of interesting how a full Garfield presidency would have turned out. He delegated foreign affairs almost completely to JG Blaine. In all other areas, Garfield moved so slowly that he didn't accomplish much more than WH Harrison did, and Garfield had 3 active months in a slightly faster DC. Perhaps he would have picked up speed as he got used to things. 

His actions:

Garfield, James A. 1862 Brig Gen under Grant during Battle of Shiloh
Garfield, James A. 1862 Promoted to Maj Gen but leaves the military for Congress
Garfield, James A. 1864 Reluctantly supports Lincoln's reelection; promotes Gen Rosecrans for VP on ticket at Conv
Garfield, James A. 1868 Supports the impeachment of Johnson after initially being lukewarm to it
Garfield, James A. 1869 publishes work on how to get rich
Garfield, James A. 1870 Leads investigation that finds that Grant had no wrongdoings in Black Friday scandal
Garfield, James A. 1872 a liberal GOP reformer, relucantly supports Grant in reelection
Garfield, James A. 1872 asks exonerating investig of self in Credit Mobilier affair
Garfield, James A. 1874 rules change to ease passing Civil Rts Act
Garfield, James A. 1876 Comes in distant second in Speaker election
Garfield, James A. 1876 Backs Blaine over fellow OH GOPer Hayes at GOP Conv
Garfield, James A. 1876 in on Wormley House Bargain regarding Hayes
Garfield, James A. 1877 Part of the electoral commission deciding 1876 election for Hayes
Garfield, James A. 1877 Minority nominee for Speaker; leads House GOP
Garfield, James A. 1877 bid for Speaker as part of Hayes deal
Garfield, James A. 1878 criticizes Hayes over patronage appointments
Garfield, James A. 1879 Minority nominee for Speaker
Garfield, James A. 1880 Wins 1880 election after having been reluctant GOP Compromise choice
Garfield, James A. 1881 Gets in patronage war w/ Conkling, arguably wins it despite trying to mollify him
Garfield, James A. 1881 Renominates Matthews for the SC, who was nominated by Hayes but held up
Garfield, James A. 1881 More or less gives Blaine freedom in foreign affairs, as Garfield lacks experience here
Garfield, James A. 1881 Denounces polygamy as part of inaugural address
Garfield, James A. 1881 Calls for universal pub education funded by Gov; Congress does not act on it
Garfield, James A. 1881 Orders prosecution of the Star Route rings, eventually resulting in trials and clearing it up
Garfield, James A. 1881 Assassinated, although lingers for about 3 months before death
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