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Favorable or Unfavorable #320: Merrick Garland


Favorable or Unfavorable #320: Merrick Garland  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #320: Merrick Garland

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Merrick Garland had been a federal judge for 19 years when he was nominated by Obama, making him arguably one of the most experience and qualified justices ever nominated. As an older nominee and one who was moderate by the standards of most recent SC nominees, it seemed likely he would be nominated until he was "Merrick Garlanded" by Mitch McConnell, who called his move against Garland one of his proudest moments. Obama, rather weakly, did nothing but complain about what McConnell did when you probably could have better exploited the situation. Garland calmly accepted his fate. Ultimately, Trump selected Gorsuch for the vacancy. 

I think had Clinton won in 2016, she would have renominated Garland.

Biden avenged Obama and Garland somewhat by making Garland Att Gen, in which role Garland appointed the special prosecutor to oversee the current investigation of Trump.

His actions:

Garland, Merrick 2009 Considered for SC vacancy by Obama
Garland, Merrick 2010 Considered for another SC vacancy by Obama
Garland, Merrick 2016 Nom to the SC by Obama, but ignored to leave the vacancy open for the next president
Garland, Merrick 2021 Confirmed as Att Gen for Biden
Garland, Merrick 2022 As Att Gen, selects Jack Smith to oversee investigation of Trump
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