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Favorable or Unfavorable #322: John Nance Garner


Favorable or Unfavorable #322: John Nance Garner  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #322: John Nance Garner

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VP JN Garner (TX-D) shared the same prejudices as most Southern Dems, regarding blacks. He also thought Hispanics were "inferior." As a TX state congress person,he proposed that TX become 5 states. This bill made it to the Gov of TX who vetoed it. Imagine if that had passed. I don't have a date for that bill, so it's not an action. It happened sometime between 1898-1903. 

I think FDR made Garner a VP, not only to sure up Southern support, but also to get him out of the Speakership. The next speaker was from Illinois, a state more likely to be friendly to FDR ideas. 

His actions:

Garner, John Nance 1929 House Minority Leader, coming in distant 2nd in Speaker race
Garner, John Nance 1930 offers post-election cooperation w Hoover
Garner, John Nance 1931 elected Speaker
Garner, John Nance 1932 VP on FDR's winning ticket and Dem pres cand before that
Garner, John Nance 1932 pleads for tax hike to balance budget
Garner, John Nance 1932 with Wagner presses public works bill
Garner, John Nance 1933 Uses influence as Sen Pres to gain passage of Glass-Steagell
Garner, John Nance 1936 Reelected as VP for Dems
Garner, John Nance 1937 opposes FDR's courtpacking plan
Garner, John Nance 1940 At age 71, Dem pres cand, breaking w/ FDR
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