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Favorable or Unfavorable #323: Robert Gates


Favorable or Unfavorable #323: Robert Gates  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #323: Robert Gates

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Robert Gates is a career admin, even for universities. I was actually unaware of his involvement in Iran-Contra, although he seems to have not been closely involved enough to warrant any punishment. I think he helped himself by refusing Reagan's offer of CIA Dir. Bush I had no real issue appointing him once the Iran-Contra fury wore out. 

Gates served Obama even though he was critical of Democratic foreign policy, as most GOPers would be (and vice-versa). However, he praised Obama's commitment to the US troops and his courage as a decisive leader in taking out Bin Laden. 

His actions:

Gates, Robert 1986 Acting CIA Dir for Reagan for half a year
Gates, Robert 1987 Appt CIA Dir by Reagan; withdraws self as Senate will block him due to his involvement in Iran-Contra Affair
Gates, Robert 1991 Appt CIA Dir for Bush
Gates, Robert 1993 Independent council finds no reason to indict Gates over Iran-Contra Affair
Gates, Robert 2005 Declines Bush offer of Dir of National Intel
Gates, Robert 2006 Confirmed Sec of Defense for Bush
Gates, Robert 2009 Kept on as Sec of Defense for Obama despite being a GOPer and Bush appt
Gates, Robert 2009 Replaces McKiernan from command in Afghanistan; replaces him with McChrystal
Gates, Robert 2011 Directs US involvement into Arab Spring
Gates, Robert 2016 Recommends Rex Tillerson to Trump for Sec of State
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