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Favorable or Unfavorable #324: Walter F George


Favorable or Unfavorable #324: Walter F George  

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Sen. WF George (GA-D) was considered a moderate on Civil Rights by Southern Dem standards because he didn't use race-baiting tactics as many Southern Dems did. However, despite that, he opposed all Civil Rights legislation, desegregation efforts, and anti-lynching attemptings. He even presented the notorious Southern Manifesto to the US Senate. 

Ideologically, George was among the most conservative Southern Dems outside of race as well. Many Southern Dems accepted the New Deal as a necessity up to 1937-ish. After that, some still supported it just because FDR was popular. For George, he opposed the New Deal unless it emphatically aided his state specifically. George was so conservative that he wouldn't endorse FDR in 1932 when FDR was campaigning as a fiscal moderate. 

George's positive legacy has more to do with post-War foreign policy. He was a strong supporter of the UN and etc. 

His actions:

George, Walter F 1928 Dem Pres cand
George, Walter F 1932 Declines to endorse fellow Dem FDR
George, Walter F 1937 Strong opponent of FDR court packing scheme
George, Walter F 1938 conservative Dem targeted in FDR purge, but is reelected
George, Walter F 1941 Influential Senate Finance Committee Chair. Served through WWII
George, Walter F 1945 speech backing the UN
George, Walter F 1945 George Committee regarding postwar adjustment
George, Walter F 1955 presses for Big Four conference
George, Walter F 1956 Signs and formally presents the pro-segregation Southern Manifesto to the Senate
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