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Favorable or Unfavorable #325: Dick Gephardt


Favorable or Unfavorable #325: Dick Gephardt  

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Rep. Dick Gephardt (MO-D) might be the last major Missouri Democrat of a long line of MO Dem that stretch from Thomas Hart Benton, through the Blairs, through Champ Clark, through HS Truman, through Symington, and etc. 

Gephardt started out as a conservative Dem in the 1970s, even somewhat opposing Roe v Wade. He supported early Reaganomics, but he became more liberal through the 1980s. His opposition to NAFTA sometimes gets him labeled as a populist, but he was more or less mainstream Democrat while serving as House Minority Leader. No populist is holding that establishment office. 

Gephardt is one of the longest serving House Minority leaders to never become Speaker. He's also seems to have among the longest stretches for being routinely considered for the VP'y. 

His actions:

Gephardt, Dick 1981 Supports Reagan tax cuts
Gephardt, Dick 1982 Bradley-Gephardt tax reform plan
Gephardt, Dick 1985 writes House version of Gramm-Rudman
Gephardt, Dick 1988 candidate for Dem pres nom
Gephardt, Dick 1988 Considered for VP by Dukakis
Gephardt, Dick 1992 Co-leads opposition against NAFTA
Gephardt, Dick 1995 Comes in second in Speaker election; House Min Ldr
Gephardt, Dick 1997 Lead opposition to agreed budget deal btwn Clinton and GOP leaders
Gephardt, Dick 1997 Comes in close second in competitive Speaker election; House Min Ldr
Gephardt, Dick 1999 Comes in second in Speaker election; House Min Ldr
Gephardt, Dick 2000 Considered for VP by Gore
Gephardt, Dick 2001 Comes in second in Speaker election; House Min Ldr
Gephardt, Dick 2002 Helped co-author Iraq War Resolution
Gephardt, Dick 2004 Dem pres cand
Gephardt, Dick 2004 Considered for VP by Kerry
Gephardt, Dick 2007 Early backer of Clinton over Obama, creating speculation he'd be her VP if she won
Gephardt, Dick 2008 Considered for VP by Obama
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