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Favorable or Unfavorable #326: Elbridge Gerry


Favorable or Unfavorable #326: Elbridge Gerry  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #326: Elbridge Gerry

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VP Elbridge Gerry of MA is one of the Founding Fathers who opposed the US Consitution in 1787, mainly because it lacked a Bill of Rights. He later regretted opposing it because the document was essential and was easily amended with a Bill of Rights later one. Throughout the 1790s, he opposed joining a party and seemed to embrace Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, and Washington, Madison, equally. Gerry liked the idea of Adams and Jefferson being in the same admin, believing it would ease partisanship, but he was wrong.

His actions:

Gerry, Elbridge 1788 Anti-Federalist cand defeated by John Hancock for Gov of MA
Gerry, Elbridge 1791 Supports Hamilton's Bank plan
Gerry, Elbridge 1796 Supports Adams over Jefferson
Gerry, Elbridge 1797 Refuses to pay bribe to negotiate deal with France while as envoy
Gerry, Elbridge 1800 Independent politician joins Jeffersonian Republicans formally
Gerry, Elbridge 1812 As Gov of MA, redistricts the state to favor Jeffersonians, giving rise to the name gerrymandering
Gerry, Elbridge 1812 Supports Madison over many fellow New Englanders in War of 1812
Gerry, Elbridge 1812 On Madison's winning ticket as VP, replacing VP Clinton who had died in office
Gerry, Elbridge 1814 Dies in office
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