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Favorable or Unfavorable #328: William Branch Giles


Favorable or Unfavorable #328: William Branch Giles  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #328: William Branch Giles

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WB Giles of VA was one of the most conservative/radical Jeffersonians. So much so that he criticized Jefferson and Madison. He continued to be a force in politics up to 1830, but his national influence basically ended with the Era of Good Feelings, which saw a rise in nationalism and modernism--two things that worked against Branch's more provincial and traditionalist mindset. He was also out-Jeffersonianed by fellow VA politician John Randolph during that time. 

His actions:

Giles, William Branch 1790 1st US Rep ever elected via special election
Giles, William Branch 1793 brings bill of complaints against Hamilton, hoping to censure him
Giles, William Branch 1796 isolationist
Giles, William Branch 1798 Resigns, partially in protest to the A&S Acts
Giles, William Branch 1801 admin floor leader--the first ever
Giles, William Branch 1804 A leading advocate of impeaching SC Justice Chase
Giles, William Branch 1808 Madison's chief surrogate in VA during pres election
Giles, William Branch 1809 Giles's Enforcement Act regarding embargo
Giles, William Branch 1809 presses Madison to drop Gallatin from cabinet, but only succeeds in preventing his move to State
Giles, William Branch 1811 Blocks Gallatin's effort to renew US Bank, killing the 1st Bank of the US
Giles, William Branch 1817? Calls the Era of Good Feelings "false prosperity"
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