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Favorable or Unfavorable #333: Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Favorable or Unfavorable #333: Ruth Bader Ginsburg  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #333: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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RBG is considered a liberal icon justice in the same way that Scalia was considered a conservative icon justice. Interestingly, both were close friends. Ginsburg was a moderate on appointment, but she soons shifted leftward. Late in life, she became something of a pop culture figure, although I'm unsure what started it. She didn't get as much attention until she was over 75. 

I still remember being one of many left-leaning voters who kept wanting her to retire while Obama was still president, although perhaps McConnell would have Merrick Garlanded two vacancies at once. 

Her actions:

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 1993 1st woman Jewish SC Justice; Confirmed to the SC for Clinton, on recommendation of Janet Reno
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 1996 Author's majority opinion striking down VMI's male-only admission policy as discriminatory (US v VA)
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 1999 Author's majority opinion in Olmstead v LC, applying mental illness to the Americans w/ Disabilities Act
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 2007 Her dissent in Ledbetter v Goodyear leads ot Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 2013 At age 80, refuses to resign after bout with cancer while Obama can still fill a vacancy, she is pressured to resign through 2016
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 2013 1st SC Justice to officiate a gay marriage
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 2018 Expresses support for MeToo Movement
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader 2020 Dies in office, greatly diminishing liberal influence on the court
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Unfavorable but I have immense respect for her, and her courage to speak her mind. Even if it angered her supporters.

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