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Favorable or Unfavorable #336: John Glenn


Favorable or Unfavorable #336: John Glenn  

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Sen. John Glenn (OH-D) will be best remembered in history as an astronaut. As a politician, he was a little uneven and probably should have stayed with NASA. In regards to his 1989 action, Glenn and John McCain were the least reprimanded of the group of 5 people known to have been given money by Savings & Loans companies. Who knows how active they were in this scandal. Some argue Glenn and McCain were let off easier because they were Cold War heroes--famed astronaut and famed POW.

His actions:

Glenn, John 1962 Becomes celebrity as 1st American to orbit Earth
Glenn, John 1964 Celebrity astronaut runs for US Sen on RFK's suggestion but drops out after injury
Glenn, John 1968 Backs RFK for pres
Glenn, John 1974 Celebrity astronaut becomes US Sen
Glenn, John 1976 Considered for VP but lackluster speech at Dem Conv had Carter changing his mind
Glenn, John 1978 Chief author of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act
Glenn, John 1984 candidate for Dem pres nom
Glenn, John 1989 Accused of corruption, along with the other Keating Five members during Savings & Loan crisis
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