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Favorable or Unfavorable #337: Arthur Goldberg


Favorable or Unfavorable #337: Arthur Goldberg  

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Arthur Goldberg is one of only a few SC Justices to resign after a short stay to take on another job. LBJ wanted Goldberg out because he wanted Abe Fortas, who would certainly support the Great Society, on the court. LBJ wanted to force Goldberg out because Southern Dems were unlikely to allow two Jewish justices. As such, Goldberg was promised by LBJ various things -- UN Ambassadorshop, key advisor on Vietnam policy and other foreign affairs, consideration for VP in 1968, and consideration to be placed back on the SC should a vacancy occur. He later ran for Gov of NY in 1970, but he lost to Nelson Rockefeller. 

Not an action because I can't get a good guess on a date is that he initially supported McCarthyism until McCarthy started going after labor unions. 

His actions:

Goldberg, Arthur 1960 Joins in on those wanting Stevenson to run for pres a 3rd time; jumps to JFK when that fails
Goldberg, Arthur 1961 Confirmed Sec of Labor for JFK
Goldberg, Arthur 1962 Confirmed to the SC for JFK
Goldberg, Arthur 1965? Declines to leave the SC to become LBJ's Sec of Health
Goldberg, Arthur 1965 Resigns from SC to b/c Amb to UN for LBJ so Abe Fortas can take his seat
Goldberg, Arthur 1968? Considered as a VP by LBJ, should he run for reelection and drop Humphrey
Goldberg, Arthur 1968 Revealed to have been another target of RFK's assassin for his UN resolution following Six-Day War
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