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Favorable or Unfavorable #338: Louie Gohmert


Favorable or Unfavorable #338: Louie Gohmert  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #338: Louie Gohmert

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One has to be seriously messed up to like Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-R). The guy has not a single productive action, with almost all of it being antagonizing and mostly hate-fueled. Most of his actions are tinged with bigotry and racism. There's a lot of statements that could be actions, such as refering to gay sex as beastiality, Hillary Clinton as "mentally challenged," Obama as both a foreigner and comparing him to Hitler. Weird George Soros conspiracy theories. States that its the masks that are giving people COVID. The funniest is when he mentioned that many people think that he's the "dumbest guy in Congress" and then said he's "comfortable" with that. Is this really the guy that ANYONE wants representing them? Really? He makes me embarrased to say I was born and raised in TX. I usually try to be neutral in these write-ups, but this guy lacks a single redeeming quality. 

His actions:

Gohmert, Louie 2009 Advocates the discredited birther conspiracy regarding Obama
Gohmert, Louie 2009 Leads anti-LGBT faction in House, opposing Hates Crime Prevention Act
Gohmert, Louie 2010 Opposes gays and lesbians in the military; votes against Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal
Gohmert, Louie 2011 Sponsors Sanctity of Life Act
Gohmert, Louie 2015 Cosponsors Constitutional Amendment to ban Gay Marriage
Gohmert, Louie 2015 Fails in challenge of Boehner to GOP Speakership
Gohmert, Louie 2016 Calls on Mueller to resign for investigating Trump
Gohmert, Louie 2018 Criticized for proposing resolution to change Cesae Chavez Day to Border Control Day
Gohmert, Louie 2020 Opposes anti-lynching bill
Gohmert, Louie 2020 Gohmert sues VP Pence in federal court to force Pence to overturn the Pres Election; case is rejected by SC
Gohmert, Louie 2021 Allegedly encouraged violence on Jan 6th insurrection, then allegedly requested a pardon from Trump
Gohmert, Louie 2022 Introduces articles of impeachment against Biden
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1 minute ago, Bushwa777 said:

Don't agree with him but seriously consider voting favorable next time v gets into rant 

You’re supposed to vote on the actions, not my comments. If you don’t like my comments, you’re free to ignore them and just look at the actions. 

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