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Favorable or Unfavorable #340: Henry B Gonzalez


Favorable or Unfavorable #340: Henry B Gonzalez  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #340: Henry B Gonzalez

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HB Gonzalez (TX-D) served for like 30 years in the US House. He's best known for being the longest-serving Hispanic and also frequently calling for impeachments. 

His actions:

Gonzalez, Henry B 1963 In motorcade in Dallas TX when JFK was shot and killed
Gonzalez, Henry B 1964 Rare Southern Dem who supports Civil Rights Act of 1964
Gonzalez, Henry B 1977 Becomes chair of the House Committee Investig. into the JFK assassination, but is soon forced out over conspiracy theories
Gonzalez, Henry B 1983 Leads resolution to impeach Reagan over Grenada invasion
Gonzalez, Henry B 1987 Introduces resolution to impeach Reagan over Iran-Contra
Gonzalez, Henry B 1989 Influential House Financial Services Committee Chair. Early Clinton years
Gonzalez, Henry B 1991 Introduces two resolutions to impeach Bush for not using Congress to declare war
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I'm sure I like his voting record a lot, but I disapprove someone who is trigger-happy with impeachment or at least makes that their most significant actions. He's 1977 actions seems to point to him being a kind of paranoid-type who might let his imagination get the best of him. He also seems impulsive. 

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